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3 Scholarship and Fellowship Programs with October-November 2023 Deadlines

Higher education- the question of financing often arises. Scholarships play a pivotal role in alleviating the financial strain, making quality education accessible to aspiring students. Here, we present a selection of scholarships available to students across diverse fields of study. These programs encompass varying eligibility criteria and levels of financial support, catering to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates and serving as gateways to fulfilling educational and career aspirations.


Now, let’s introduce three scholarship and fellowship programs with deadlines in October and November 2023:


  1. **DXC Progressing Minds Scholarship Programme 2023-24**

   The DXC Progressing Minds Scholarship Programme 2023-24 is dedicated to providing support for educational and sports expenses to students hailing from marginalized groups.


   – **Eligibility:**

     – Female and transgender students pursuing graduation in STEM-related fields are eligible.

     – Female athletes between the ages of 13 to 25, who have represented their state or country at the state, national, or international level in the last 2 to 3 years, can also apply.

     – For undergraduate students, a minimum of 60% marks in their previous class/semester is required.

     – The applicants’ annual family income must not exceed INR 4,00,000 (or INR 5,00,000 for sportspersons).


   – **Prizes and rewards:**

     – INR 50,000 for STEM graduates.

     – INR 1,25,000 for sportspersons.


   – **Application Deadline:** October 31, 2023

   – **Application Mode:** Online applications only


   Find more information: [DXC Progressing Minds Scholarship](


  1. **Chevening Scholarships 2024-25**

   The Chevening Scholarships 2024-25 program is a collaborative effort between the Government of the United Kingdom and UK Universities, offering financial assistance to Indian students pursuing a one-year master’s degree in any subject at a UK university.


   – **Eligibility:**

     – Open to citizens of Chevening-eligible countries or territories, including India, holding an undergraduate degree that allows entry into a postgraduate program at a UK university when applying.

     – Applicants must have a minimum of two years of work experience (equivalent to 2,800 hours).

     – Candidates must commit to returning to India for a minimum of two years after completing the award.


   – **Prizes and rewards:**

     – Fully-funded scholarship for a one-year course and additional benefits.


   – **Application Deadline:** November 7, 2023

   – **Application Mode:** Online applications only


   Discover more: [Chevening Scholarships](


  1. **GSK Scholars Programme 2023-24**

   The GSK Scholars Programme 2023-24 is dedicated to supporting deserving first-year MBBS students from government colleges in India who face financial constraints.


   – **Eligibility:**

     – First-year MBBS students with a minimum of 65% marks in Class 12 can apply.

     – The applicants’ annual family income must not exceed INR 6,00,000 from all sources.


   – **Prizes and rewards:**

     – Up to INR 1,00,000 per year.


   – **Application Deadline:** October 10, 2023

   – **Application Mode:** Online applications only


   Explore more details: [GSK Scholars Programme](


These scholarship and fellowship opportunities provide a lifeline for students pursuing their educational dreams, ensuring that finances are not a barrier to their success.

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