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8 tips to score high marks in Physics Class 12 board exam 2024

With the CBSE Class 12 board exams 2024 approaching, excelling in Physics is not just a goal but a crucial necessity. Anil Ahlawat, CEO of MTG Learning Media, shares strategies that will not only boost your confidence but also pave the way for success in the upcoming CBSE Class 12th Physics exam.


**1. Prioritize Important Chapters:** Start your preparation by prioritizing chapters that carry higher marks in the CBSE Class 12th Physics syllabus. Foundational chapters like Electrostatics, Current Electricity, and Electromagnetic Induction lay the groundwork for more advanced concepts.


**2. Focus on Conceptual Clarity:** Move beyond rote memorization and aim for a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. Connect abstract ideas to real-world scenarios to demystify complex topics and gain profound insight into the subject.


**3. Practice Numerical Problems:** Dedicate time to solve numerical problems from different chapters, with a focus on areas like Optics and Electromagnetism. Understand the step-by-step process behind each numerical problem to enhance problem-solving skills.


**4. Master Derivations and Diagrams:** Memorize derivations, as they often carry marks in the board exam. Pay special attention to drawing clear and labeled diagrams, especially in topics like Ray Optics and Electromagnetic Waves.


**5. Study NCERT Books:** The NCERT textbook for Class 12 Physics covers the entire syllabus. Thoroughly study the textbook and ensure you can explain every concept and example in your own words, as board exam questions often closely follow the textbook.


**6. Solve Sample Papers:** Practice with sample papers designed to mimic the exam pattern and question types. This helps you become familiar with what to expect on the exam day, refine your time management skills, and fine-tune your exam strategy.


**7. Use Concept Mapping:** Create visual aids like concept maps or flowcharts to break down complex and interconnected concepts. These visual representations enhance comprehension and serve as effective study tools.


**8. Regular Revision:** Implement spaced repetition and regular revision to reinforce your understanding and improve long-term memory retention. Summarize each chapter concisely in your own words for quick revisits.


Remember, success in the board exams requires both hard work and smart, strategic preparation. Your exam strategy becomes your guiding star in the exam hall. Starting with confidence-boosting questions and ensuring clarity in numerical and theoretical solutions can make a significant difference.


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