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Australian University of Wollongong to establish GIFT City campus in by 2024

The University of Wollongong (UOW) Australia’s Expansion Plans in GIFT City, India

UOW Australia is expanding its global footprint with the launch of a campus in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), India, scheduled for July 2024. This new campus will have a specific focus on finance and business studies.

UOW’s Global Vision for GIFT City

Vice-Chancellor and President Patricia Davidson discussed the exciting prospects offered by GIFT City as a financial hub for finance and business education. She emphasized the unique environment GIFT City provides, considering it a significant differentiator. UOW hopes to attract students not only from Australia but also from its other campuses to come and pursue their education in GIFT City.

IFSCA Approval for UOW and Deakin University

UOW, in partnership with Deakin University, has received approvals from the International Financial Services Centre Authorities (IFSCA) to establish their international campuses within GIFT City. The UOW GIFT City campus plans to welcome its first batch of 500 students by July 2024, with a strong emphasis on finance and business courses.

Curriculum Aligned with GIFT City’s Infrastructure

UOW’s new addition to its global network will tailor its curriculum to align with the infrastructure and opportunities available in GIFT City. The focus will primarily be on courses related to fintech, computing, and a range of accounting subjects that complement GIFT City’s offerings.

A Diverse Global Learning Environment

UOW intends to leverage its global network of institutions and promote a multicultural learning environment in GIFT City. The campus aims to become a hub where students from various countries can actively engage in their studies together.

Student Placement Opportunities and Fees

Given the presence of prominent institutions and stock exchanges within GIFT City, UOW anticipates promising placement opportunities for its students. The university has set the tuition fees at 50% of the cost for international students studying at the Australian campus, with similar eligibility criteria being applied.

Tat Capital Partnership

Furthermore, UOW has announced a partnership with Tat Capital, an Indian-Australian corporate advisory firm. This collaboration will lead to the establishment of the Tat Capital – UOW Global Finance Centre of Excellence.

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