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Best Books for NEET UG 2024: Your Essential Study Guide

Preparing for NEET UG 2024 necessitates access to the right study materials to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the subjects. In this guide, we will navigate the intricate realm of NEET UG preparation resources, highlighting a carefully selected set of books essential for every aspiring medical student.


These recommended books are specifically tailored to cover the crucial subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, catering to diverse needs and varying proficiency levels. Whether you aspire to achieve a top-tier score or solidify your fundamental understanding, these books serve as your reliable guides on the journey to NEET success.


Seep Pahuja, an esteemed educator at Unacademy specializing in NEET UG, has thoughtfully compiled a list of books ideal for NEET preparation:



  1. **NCERT Textbook (Class 11th & 12th):** The NCERT Biology textbooks are the cornerstones of NEET Biology preparation. They offer comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and are indispensable for grasping core concepts, as NEET questions often directly align with NCERT content.


  1. **NCERT Exemplar:** This resource provides valuable insights into solving a wide array of questions meticulously crafted by NCERT publications. It delves deeper into the application of concepts, enhancing problem-solving skills.


  1. **Practice Books (e.g., 360 NCERT Biology by Disha, NCERT Fingertips by MTG):** These books contain NCERT-based questions and previous years’ questions (PYQs). They are designed to help students hone their problem-solving abilities and become accustomed to the types of questions that appear in NEET exams, offering additional practice beyond the NCERT textbooks.



  1. **NCERT Textbook:** Similar to Biology, the NCERT Chemistry textbooks for classes 11 and 12 are the bedrock of your preparation. They establish a robust foundation in chemistry concepts, a vital component for NEET.


  1. **Practice Books (e.g., NCERT Fingertips):** These books offer a plethora of practice questions, including PYQs. They are designed to refine your problem-solving skills and acquaint you with the exam pattern.


  1. **Organic Chemistry (High Level) – MS Chauhan:** If you aim to fortify your grasp of organic chemistry, MS Chauhan’s book is an excellent choice. It delves deep into the subject’s intricacies, making it suitable for aspirants striving for a high score.


  1. **Physical Chemistry – N Awasthi:** N Awasthi’s book is a well-regarded resource for mastering physical chemistry, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject and helping with numerical problem-solving.


  1. **Inorganic Chemistry:** For inorganic chemistry, revisiting the NCERT textbook is essential. Additionally, referring to OP Tandon is advisable for deeper insights and high-level questions.



  1. **Practice Books (including PYQs and NCERT Exemplar):** These books are meticulously designed for extensive practice, encompassing a wide range of physics problems. Solving PYQs is essential for understanding the pattern of NEET Physics questions.


  1. **Reference Books (e.g., DC Pandey, S.L. Arora, HC Verma):**

   – **DC Pandey:** Renowned for its NEET-specific content and comprehensive physics coverage.

   – **S.L. Arora:** A valuable resource for establishing a strong conceptual foundation in physics.

   – **HC Verma:** Particularly esteemed for its high-level conceptual questions, ideal for aspirants aiming for excellence in physics.


In summary, for NEET Biology, focus on NCERT textbooks, NCERT Exemplar, and practice books containing PYQs. In Chemistry, utilize NCERT textbooks, practice books like NCERT Fingertips, and specialized books such as MS Chauhan for organic chemistry, N Awasthi for physical chemistry, and OP Tandon for inorganic chemistry. In the realm of Physics, practice is paramount, and you can complement your preparation with books like DC Pandey, S.L. Arora, and HC Verma, alongside practice books featuring PYQs and NCERT Exemplar questions to strengthen your physics skills.

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