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CUET UG Toppers’ Tips: ‘How I prepared for the exam and got admission in DU’s SRCC’

Meet CUET UG topper Megha Goenka, who has excelled in the CUET UG 2022 by achieving a perfect 100 percentile in subjects such as English, business studies, accountancy, maths, and economics. Currently, she is pursuing a BA (Honours) in Economics at Delhi University’s esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC).*


*Megha’s journey to CUET UG success was marked by self-preparation, without the need for coaching. She made extensive use of free educational resources available on platforms like YouTube. Her strong foundation, built during her CBSE board exam preparations, significantly contributed to her achievement. While she did receive coaching for mathematics and accountancy during her Class 12 CBSE board exams, her CUET UG preparation was predominantly self-driven.*


*When asked about her preparation, Megha shared her relaxed routine leading up to the last three days before the CUET. During this critical period, she devoted seven to eight hours a day to focused study. Surprisingly, balancing preparation for both CBSE board exams and CUET UG was not a daunting task, as the CUET syllabus closely mirrored that of CBSE.*


*Megha also provided insights into her choice of study materials for various subjects, which included NCERT and NCERT exemplar for maths, DK Goel and NCERT for accountancy, Sandeep Garg and NCERT for economics, NCERT for business studies, and NCERT along with various resources from different sources for the general test.*


*Her goal was to secure admission at SRCC, one of India’s premier colleges. Looking ahead, she aspires to pursue further education, potentially in finance or a related field. In her leisure time, she enjoys relaxation activities such as taking walks, watching shows, and even napping. However, she emphasizes the importance of balancing leisure with productive engagement.*


*For upcoming CUET UG 2024 candidates, Megha’s advice is to cherish the learning process, recognizing that life is not a sprint but a marathon. She recommends maintaining a consistent study routine without overburdening oneself, emphasizing the importance of giving it one’s best effort, as CUET UG is just one among the many significant exams on their academic journey.*

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