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Delhi University Breaks Ground on Pragyan Bhawan: A Modern Academic Hub

Delhi University* takes a bold step in campus development as Vice Chancellor Professor Yogesh Singh inaugurates the construction of “Pragyan Bhawan.” This Rs 29.73 crore, 8-storey building, set to be completed in 24 months, will grace the Delhi School of Economics and Geography department campus.


*Campus Transformation:*

In response to the increasing student numbers, the Vice Chancellor emphasizes the need for enhanced infrastructure. Pragyan Bhawan aims to not only expand seating capacity but also offer modern facilities conducive to a favorable educational environment.


*Project Highlights:*

The project spans 4600 sq. m., encompassing 17 rooms, including 9 classrooms and 8 tutorial rooms. The building, named “Pragyan Bhawan,” boasts seven floors in addition to the ground floor, with a maximum height of 36.8 meters. Anticipating every need, the construction plan includes two lifts, a VRV centralized air conditioning system, UPS system, solar panel setup, and a gas-based fire suppression system.


*Vision for Education:*

The Vice Chancellor emphasizes that a conducive educational environment, qualified teachers, and robust infrastructure are vital for quality education. Pragyan Bhawan aligns with this vision, setting the stage for a modern academic hub within Delhi University.


Join us on this transformative journey as Delhi University lays the foundation for Pragyan Bhawan, redefining the educational landscape for its students and faculty.

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