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Empowering minds: New Education Policy’s vision for research and innovation

Explore how the New Education Policy is revolutionizing education by fostering curiosity, integrating research, and establishing innovation cells, as shared by Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Sanawar.

The New Education Policy champions the value of research, innovation, and critical thinking in education. It advocates inquiry-based learning, integrates research into the curriculum, and sets up Research and Innovation Cells to nurture a scientific outlook in students. Discover how these initiatives are reshaping education for a brighter future.

Promoting Curiosity and Inquiry:

The New Education Policy ushers in a transformative approach to learning, breaking away from traditional rote memorization. It recognizes that nurturing curiosity and fostering inquiry-based learning are essential for unleashing a student’s full potential. This shift empowers students to become active seekers and investigators, driving them to explore subjects with enthusiasm.

Integration of Research:

By infusing research into the educational framework, students go beyond textbook theories. They engage in hands-on research and practical applications, gaining a deeper understanding of subjects. This integration cultivates an inquiry-driven mindset, paving the way for critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

Establishment of Research and Innovation Cells:

The New Education Policy introduces Research and Innovation Cells as dynamic centers of creativity and intellectual curiosity within educational institutions. These cells promote a research-oriented culture that encourages students to think beyond traditional classroom learning and textbooks.

Preparing Prudent Professionals:

The policy prioritizes industry-academia collaboration, creating symbiotic relationships between educational institutions and the industrial world. Recognizing the importance of practical exposure, it advocates strong collaborations between academia and various industry sectors.

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