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Fake marksheet scam: Gujarat police catches two after sting operation

Through a sting operation, Gujarat’s Mehsana district police have exposed a gang involved in the production of fake marksheets within minutes.


In a significant breakthrough, the police in Gujarat’s Mehsana district have exposed a gang engaged in the manufacturing of counterfeit marksheets in a matter of minutes. These fake documents were available for various educational levels, streams, and even government exams. Two individuals involved in the production of multiple counterfeit marksheets have been successfully arrested by the police.


Arrests Made Following a Sting Operation


A carefully orchestrated sting operation conducted by the police led to the apprehension of the two culprits who were operating a photo shop in Mehsana. Utilizing Photoshop and Xerox machines, these individuals provided their services at a nominal cost of Rs 1500 per marksheets. Through their elaborate operation, they were able to create counterfeit marksheets for any class or educational institution.


Main Conspirator and Forged Documents


The police investigation has identified Kuldeep Parmar as the primary conspirator behind this illegal operation. Using his photocopying shop, Parmar forged marksheets for Classes 10 and 12, as well as ITI exams.


Employment Fraud and Fake Marksheets


The ramifications of this scam extend beyond academic fraud. It has been revealed that more than 50 students secured employment in private companies using these fraudulent marksheets. The counterfeit documents served as a pathway to job opportunities, deceiving employers who relied on their authenticity.


Uncovered Evidence


During the raid on Kuldeep Parmar’s office, the police discovered high-quality glossy paper and seized 15 counterfeit marksheets. This evidence strengthens the case against the gang involved in these illegal activities. Additionally, the police seized approximately Rs 86,000 in cash.


Remain Vigilant Against Fraudulent Practices


It is crucial for educational institutions and employers to maintain vigilance in verifying the authenticity of marksheets to prevent falling victim to such scams.

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