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Female leaders are better than men. Then why are there so few women CEOs?

Prominent women leaders in India discuss the challenges and opportunities for fostering gender equality, inclusive workplaces, and empowering women from diverse backgrounds in the corporate sector. Insights reveal the need for policy changes, cultural shifts, and support systems to achieve these goals.

Key Highlights:

  • Gender equality in Indian workplaces remains a pressing issue, with a significant gender gap in employability.
  • India ranks 135 out of 146 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report 2022.
  • Women leaders emphasize the importance of addressing the challenges women face in balancing career and family responsibilities.
  • Initiatives such as extended paternity leave and flexible work arrangements are seen as crucial for women’s advancement.
  • Gender equality policies, affordable childcare, and reduced work hours are essential for increasing women’s participation in the labor force.

Fostering Women Leaders:

  • The representation of women in leadership positions remains low, and efforts are needed to bridge the gap.
  • Organizations are encouraged to provide career support for returning mothers and develop sponsorship programs.
  • Sensitization programs on unconscious bias and inclusive behaviors can enhance women’s confidence in the workplace.
  • Holistic change requires policy adjustments and cultural shifts to create an environment where women can thrive and inspire future generations.

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