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IIM Calcutta students bag Rs 1.65 lakh average stipend for summer internships

First-year MBA students at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, have achieved a significant milestone by securing an impressive average monthly stipend of Rs 1.65 lakh during their summer internships. This accomplishment highlights their remarkable talent and dedication in navigating the challenging corporate landscape. Despite economic challenges, IIM Calcutta successfully concluded the summer internship placement cycle, securing 513 offers for 466 students enrolled in the flagship two-year MBA program.


 The students’ record-breaking average stipend of Rs 1.65 lakh per month, with a median stipend of Rs 1.7 lakh per month, reflects their outstanding performance. The top 25 percentile of the batch received an average stipend of Rs 2.31 lakh per month, with the highest domestic stipend reaching an impressive Rs 3.75 lakh per month, underscoring their achievements. IIM Calcutta’s commitment to providing placements for all participants in the placement process reinforces its ethos of “leaving no one behind.”

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