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IISER Bhopal takes several initiatives to achieve goals of NEP: Take a look

Aligning with NEP 2020, IISER Bhopal is majorly focusing on syllabus; student nurturing, well-being, and performance; faculty support in research and teaching; and entrepreneurship.


The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (IISER Bhopal) has taken significant measures to incorporate the key aspects of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, aiming to revolutionize the education system in India and promote inclusivity, flexibility, and interdisciplinarity. The institute focuses on various areas, including curriculum development, student well-being and performance, faculty support in research and teaching, and fostering entrepreneurship.


  1. Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Approach:

IISER Bhopal offers diverse academic programs across its 10 academic departments, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies. Students have access to Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in fields such as Chemical Engineering, Data Science and Engineering, Economic Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Additionally, the institute provides a Bachelor of Science – Master of Science (BS-MS) dual degree program in subjects like Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics. Students can specialize in their chosen academic fields while also exploring elective courses from other disciplines, in alignment with the principles of NEP 2020.


  1. Data Science and Engineering (DSE):

IISER Bhopal stands as one of the pioneers in offering undergraduate programs in Data Science and Engineering in India. The DSE curriculum seamlessly integrates engineering and natural sciences, equipping students with domain knowledge and scientific rigor to tackle real-world challenges. Industry internships during the final semester empower students to adapt to cutting-edge technologies and AI paradigms, addressing the demands of Industry 4.0.


  1. Emphasis on Physical Fitness and Mental Health:

The institute places great importance on the physical fitness and mental well-being of its students. By providing physical fitness courses in the initial year, IISER Bhopal encourages a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. The campus offers dedicated sports activities, gym facilities, and peer counselors to provide essential support for students’ mental welfare.


  1. Undergraduate Clubs for Research Enthusiasts in Science and Technology (UG-CREST):

IISER Bhopal has established “Undergraduate Clubs for Research Enthusiasts in Science and Technology” (UG-CREST) to nurture a scientific attitude among young graduate students. These clubs actively engage students intellectually alongside their regular coursework, fostering research capabilities from the early stages of their academic journey.


  1. Skills Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:

The institute places significant emphasis on enhancing students’ practical knowledge and skills through soft skills workshops, research projects, and industry internships. It has set up centers of excellence to promote multidisciplinary research and actively supports entrepreneurship through its Innovation and Incubation Center (IICE), encouraging faculty and students to explore their entrepreneurial potential.


  1. Focus on Humanities and Social Sciences:

IISER Bhopal’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences imparts critical thinking, logic, creativity, philosophy, history, and literature knowledge to science and engineering graduates, ensuring they become socially relevant in their work culture.


By aligning with NEP 2020 and implementing various initiatives, IISER Bhopal aims to create an inclusive and transformative educational environment, fostering holistic development among its students.

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