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Is Dwayne Johnson Returning to The Fast and Furious Franchise

Dwayne Johnson, has announced his return to the “Fast and Furious” franchise. The actor confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Luke Hobbs after resolving his long-standing feud with Vin Diesel.

In an Instagram post, Johnson shared the news, stating, “Last summer, @vindiesel and I put all the past behind us…We’ll lead with brotherhood and resolve – and always take care of the franchise, characters & FANS that we love.”

Dwayne emphasized his love for the franchise, the beloved characters, and the dedicated fans. He added, “When you consider all of that, the decision becomes an easy one to make.”

Reflecting on their relationship, the Hollywood star explained, “Despite our differences, Vin and I have been like brothers for years. When you lead with the idea of resolution and focus on plans that are greater than ourselves, it becomes clear. Those plans are like the North Star, guiding us in our endeavours and passions.”

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