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Life in an IIT | ‘IIT Jammu broadened my horizons,’ says BTech student

Rishika Ranyal, a 20-year-old student pursuing a BTech in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Jammu, provides valuable insights into her life at the institute and the unique perspective it has granted her. Originating from the Poonch district in Jammu and Kashmir, Ranyal’s narrative underlines the delicate balance between academic rigor and personal development.*


*At IIT Jammu, a typical day begins with classes at 8 am or 9 am, followed by laboratory sessions post lunch. Subsequently, the remainder of the day is dedicated to self-study and collaborative projects. The institute’s dynamic schedule is designed to cultivate learning and personal growth, and while it may be demanding at times, it is integral to the learning process.*


*Ranyal’s journey to IIT Jammu began with her discovery of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) via online resources, notably YouTube, while preparing for her Class 12 exams. Her journey involved self-preparation for the JEE Advanced, resulting in an impressive rank of 22,630 in the General category. As the first member of her family to gain entry into an IIT, her achievement is a source of pride. Interestingly, her brother has also recently secured admission to IIT Roorkee for an MTech program.*


*The transition from her hometown, Poonch, to IIT Jammu initially posed challenges but eventually empowered her with exposure to diverse cultures and varied perspectives. The virtual format of the initial online semester enabled her to connect with her fellow batchmates, facilitating the development of strong friendships and fostering a sense of community.*


*An active participant in IIT Jammu’s Tinkerers Lab, Robotics Club, and Career Development Service, Ranyal is exposed to research, machinery, and technology. The Tinkerers’ Lab, which is managed by students, serves as a center for exploration. In her free time, she is dedicated to acquiring additional skills through online resources.*


*Balancing participation in college clubs with academic commitments may be demanding, but Ranyal underscores the significance of prioritization and establishing a routine. She has engaged in inter-IIT competitions and festivals, which have provided her with memorable experiences marked by healthy competition, collaboration, and lasting moments.*


*During the past summer, Ranyal took part in the Invention Factory Program, a six-week internship initiative that allowed her to collaborate with students from various IITs and NITs. The goal was to create patentable products with the potential to benefit society. Beyond her BTech, she aspires to further her studies or explore opportunities in the Mechanical Core, driven by a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution to her chosen field.*


*Ranyal’s journey at IIT Jammu has been transformative, ushering her into a realm of opportunities and expanding her horizons. She has forged friendships across India and gained insights from professors hailing from diverse regions of the nation.*

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