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MBBS admissions beyond September 30 invalid, says NMC

The National Medical Council (NMC) has made an unexpected and far-reaching decision that could have serious consequences for more than 500 students across the country. This move by the NMC involves the nullification of all MBBS admissions that took place after the September 30 deadline, casting doubts on the educational future of these students. The NMC has maintained a stringent position on this matter, leading to the immediate expulsion of students who secured admission to MBBS programs after the specified cut-off date.


**Challenges with Available MBBS Seats:**

Although the number of impacted students might potentially exceed 500, it’s crucial to acknowledge the presence of numerous vacant MBBS seats in both government and self-financing medical colleges nationwide. This situation introduces complexity to the situation since opportunities for students to gain entry to these institutions still exist. Nevertheless, the precise count of accessible seats has not been officially disclosed by the NMC or the concerned state and central authorities.


**NMC’s Ruling and Late Counselling Sessions:**

The NMC’s decision stems from a prior notice that strongly discouraged the organization of counselling sessions for MBBS admissions beyond the September 30 deadline. It seems that this warning was ignored in certain states, including Maharashtra, Bihar, and West Bengal, where both online and offline MBBS counselling occurred after the specified cut-off date.


**Director’s Concerns and Implications for Students:**

Shambhu Sharan Kumar, the director of the undergraduate medical education board, conveyed concerns regarding unauthorized counselling sessions through a notification dated October 19. He emphasized that these actions could have negative ramifications for students nationwide, especially since management quota seats in several states are accessible to students from all regions of India.

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