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Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Introduces AI Courses in Indian Schools

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY) has unveiled ‘India AI’ to infuse AI courses into the national educational curriculum, commencing from Class 6. This initiative, under the ‘National Programme on Artificial Intelligence (NPAI) Skilling Framework,’ aims to address the burgeoning demand for AI and data science knowledge in India, projected to exceed 1 million professionals by 2024.


A committee has meticulously crafted a comprehensive curriculum to ensure a uniform AI education approach across the country. The courses align with the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework and the National Credit Framework. The committee stresses the inclusion of ethical aspects, dedicating at least 10% of the course duration to promote responsible AI development, transparency, fairness, and privacy.


The report underscores the need for flexible course development to adapt to technological advancements, proposing smaller modules like micro-credentials. Regulatory bodies, including the National Council for Vocational Education and Training, the All India Council for Technical Education, and the University Grants Commission, are tasked with establishing guidelines for AI education.


The NASSCOM report revealing a 51% shortfall in AI and disruptive technology capabilities has prompted the introduction of AI courses in schools and undergraduate programs. The curriculum covers essential AI principles, machine learning, data management, programming, and ethical considerations.


Additionally, the report suggests faculty development programs to enhance educators’ understanding of AI concepts and teaching methodologies. Presently, various AI skill courses are available through government skill development networks and accredited institutions. Assessments are categorized into knowledge-based, application-based, industry certifications, and practical evaluations like projects, hackathons, and internships, ensuring a holistic approach to AI education.

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