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Puducherry to pay tuition fee of government school students joining medical colleges

Chief Minister N Rangasamy announces the Puducherry government’s decision to bear the complete tuition fees for government school students enrolling in undergraduate medical programs.

Puducherry Chief Minister N Rangasamy has made a significant announcement, revealing that the territorial administration will shoulder the entire tuition fees for students graduating from government schools and pursuing undergraduate medical courses within the Union Territory during the current academic year.

Key Details:

  • Eligibility Criteria: The scheme is accessible to students who have completed their school education in government-run institutions and have successfully cleared the NEET examination.
  • Reserved Quota: Students from government schools will secure admission under a 10 percent horizontal reservation quota for undergraduate medical programs in Puducherry.
  • Fee Waiver: Chief Minister N Rangasamy stated that his government will request colleges not to demand tuition fees from eligible students, as the administration will cover these expenses.
  • Centre’s Approval: Earlier this month, the Central government granted approval to the Puducherry government’s proposal for implementing this quota.

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