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Uttar Pradesh Government Allocates ₹100 Crore to Renovate Government-Aided Sanskrit Schools

Uttar Pradesh’s government has undertaken significant changes in the financial assistance guidelines of Project Alankar to enhance and revitalize government-aided secondary Sanskrit schools across the state.*


*Previously, the school management was responsible for financing up to 50 percent of the renovation expenses for aging school buildings, with the state government covering the remaining cost. In a recent development, the government has substantially reduced its financial burden by contributing only 5 percent of the renovation costs. Moreover, it has earmarked a generous budget of ₹100 crore for these renovation endeavors.*


*In light of this decision, various schools within Uttar Pradesh, particularly government-aided Sanskrit institutions in districts like Basti, Muzaffarnagar, Sonbhadra, Ambedkarnagar, Gonda, Gorakhpur, Balrampur, and Maharajganj, have submitted proposals to the Directorate of Education in Prayagraj. These proposals collectively amount to approximately ₹22 crore and aim to enhance and modernize their school infrastructure.*


*The primary impetus behind this policy shift is to tackle the inadequacy of budgetary provisions that has led to the deterioration of government school buildings. In the academic year 2022-23, the state government allocated ₹100 crore for the reconstruction, expansion, electrification, and refurbishment of dilapidated school structures. However, a substantial portion of these funds remained underutilized as only a limited number of schools approached the Uttar Pradesh government for renovation projects.*

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