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5 tips for students to explore new hobbies and interests | Complete guide here

Here are five valuable tips to get your kids started with new hobbies and interests.

Exploring fresh hobbies and interests can be an immensely gratifying and enriching expedition for students. It opens doors to personal growth, skill enhancement, and even potential career prospects. Engaging in novel activities not only infuses enthusiasm into student life but also contributes to overall personal and professional development. Embracing the process of discovering passions presents an opportunity for self-exploration and self-improvement.


For students aspiring to explore new hobbies or prepare for interviews, Srividya Iyer, Assistant General Manager-Personalised Learning Centre, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, offers valuable tips to delve into new interests.


  1. Recognize Your Interests and Skills:

Commence by introspecting your passions and inquisitiveness. Identify activities that ignite enthusiasm and vitality within you. Delve into subjects or skills that have always captivated your attention. Recognizing your interests lays the foundation for discovering novel hobbies, be it painting, singing, trekking, playing a musical instrument, coding, writing, or cooking.


  1. Explore Opportunities:

The summer season provides an opportune time to explore and nurture your talents. Actively seek out platforms and opportunities to hone your skills, unlocking untapped potential and fostering personal growth.


  1. Network:

Networking proves to be a valuable resource for unearthing new hobbies and interests during summer vacations. Engage with peers and like-minded individuals on social media platforms and join specialized groups that revolve around your educational and recreational pursuits. Networking facilitates collaboration, mentorship, and exposure to diverse perspectives, paving the way for exciting opportunities.


  1. Embrace Summer Workshops:

Participating in summer camps and workshops offers invaluable chances to acquire fresh skills and nurture interests. Engaging in activities such as sports, art, music, or volunteering with an NGO nurtures holistic development and encourages hobby exploration.


  1. Seek Guidance and Mentorship:

Do not hesitate to seek guidance from experienced individuals or mentors in your chosen hobbies. Their invaluable insights, tips, and support can enhance your learning experience. Moreover, consider seeking advice from career counselors or professionals to bolster your confidence and excel in interviews.


Remember, embarking on new hobbies is a voyage of self-discovery, growth, and skill refinement, providing thrilling prospects for personal and professional progress. Embrace the process wholeheartedly and savor the enriching experience it bestows.

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