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After JEE Advanced, how to choose between IITs and branches? Former IIT Guwahati director explains

According to Gautam Barua, computing technology has become an integral part of various scientific and engineering domains. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques is widespread across disciplines, aiding in the resolution of complex challenges. Hence, regardless of the branch of study, joining an IIT would make one well-versed in computer science and engineering (CSE).

The seat allocation process for admission to Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs) is currently underway. Students have submitted their choices and now must decide whether to accept the seat offered to them. While options such as NITs and IIITs are available, the brand value of IITs tends to attract most students. 

The success of some IIT graduates globally is one of the reasons for the high regard of IITs. This success, however, can be attributed to the fact that the best students choose to join the IIT system. This ensures the quality of the graduates, even if a specific IIT’s teaching program may not be performing exceptionally well. The availability of the best faculty candidates further contributes to the strength of IITs. Consequently, the government provides more funding per capita to IITs compared to other institutes like NITs and IIITs. 

In terms of IIT selection, students often consider previous year’s opening and closing ranks. While Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at metro IITs tends to be a popular choice, students should also consider alternatives based on closing ranks. Additionally, IIT rankings do not reflect an absolute order of merit, and there may be little distinction among students within certain rank ranges. Therefore, the choice of IIT is not crucial, as all IITs offer a stimulating environment with brilliant students. 

Finally, career choices often depend on the job market, with CSE being highly sought after. Regardless of the branch chosen, joining an IIT provides exposure to computing technology, which is now integrated into various fields. The recent buzz is of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, with AI techniques being used across disciplines to solve complex problems. Ultimately, the tools and techniques of CSE are valuable in addressing real-world challenges in domains such as energy, climate, food, health, transportation, and communication.

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