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Before you head abroad for further studies, some pointers to ponder upon


Before you head abroad for further studies, some pointers to ponder upon

Nuggehalli’s message to students preparing to study abroad centers around the significance of companionship, adapting to new cultures, self-motivation, and establishing connections with both fellow Indians and local residents. He acknowledges the evolving global landscape and imparts personal insights and guidance based on his experiences in the United Kingdom and the United States.


When residing abroad, Nuggehalli observes that while individuals in India tend to offer information proactively, those overseas generally respect personal space unless directly approached. He urges students to overcome any hesitation and seek guidance when necessary, understanding that a brief moment of potential embarrassment pales in comparison to the benefits of acquiring knowledge. However, he cautions against excessive reliance on others and encourages thorough research prior to posing unnecessary queries.


Don’t mistake Confidence with Competence

Nuggehalli highlights a prevailing trend of conflating confidence with competence, prevalent both in India and abroad. He advises students to assess the alignment between confidence and actual skills, and urges them to ensure that their confidence is grounded in a realistic understanding of their abilities.


In terms of motivation, he underscores the importance of self-motivation when studying abroad, recognizing that the level of external guidance and support may differ from what students are accustomed to in India. He emphasizes the need for personal initiative in accomplishing goals and fully embracing the experience.


While acknowledging the natural inclination to seek support from fellow Indians, Nuggehalli encourages students to expand their social circles and actively foster meaningful connections with locals. He emphasizes that developing friendships with individuals from the host country is vital for comprehensive learning beyond the classroom and has the potential to cultivate lasting relationships that enrich the overall overseas experience.


Lastly, Nuggehalli draws attention to the limited familiarity with Indian culture and politics among people abroad, particularly in the United States. He advises students not to excessively worry about this and suggests embracing the opportunity to educate others about their cultural heritage. Using the example of cooking daal differently, he illustrates that these distinctions can be explained without causing surprise or confusion.


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