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Bihar TRE 2023 Results Announced for Class 9-10 and Class 11-12



The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has unveiled the results of the Teacher Recruitment Examination (BPSC TRE 2023) for 13 subjects. The examination, held between August 24 and 26, has its results accessible on the official website at These results encompass BPSC teachers from 10 subjects in the Class 9-10 category and 3 subjects in the Class 11-12 category.


Candidates who have been selected in the Class 1-5, Class 9-10, and Classes 11-12 categories must ensure the accuracy and validity of their uploaded documents. In cases where the provided documents are found to be incorrect or illegible, candidates are required to resubmit the correct documents online by October 30. These documents, not exceeding 100 KB in size, must be certified by a gazetted officer. The document upload process can be initiated by logging in through the BPSC portal at using the login ID and password.


Candidates should take utmost care to ensure the correctness and readability of the uploaded documents. In instances where the uploaded documents are found to be incorrect or illegible, candidates will need to submit the correct documents online by October 30. To complete this document upload process, candidates should access the BPSC portal at and log in using their unique login credentials.


Qualified candidates for different subjects within Class 9-10 and Class 11-12 are as follows:


**Class 9-10:**

– Social Science: 5,397 candidates

– Mathematics: 4,480 candidates

– Science: 4,588 candidates

– English: 4,001 candidates

– Persian: 12 candidates

– Arabic: 4 candidates

– Sanskrit: 1,750 candidates

– Urdu: 1,612 candidates

– Bangla: 3 candidates

– Hindi: 4,242 candidates


**Class 11-12:**

– Computer Science: 7,438 candidates

– Business Studies: 1,228 candidates

– Accountancy: 563 candidates

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