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NMC issues regulations for NExT

NMC issues regulations for NExT— eligibility, attempts and other FAQs

NMC issues regulations for NExT— eligibility, attempts, 10-year rule, all FAQs answered

AIIMS Delhi has made an important announcement regarding the National Exit Test (NExT), a significant development in the medical field. To acquaint medical students with this upcoming examination, AIIMS Delhi has scheduled a mock test for NExT on July 28. The introduction of NExT aims to establish a single, comprehensive exit test that serves the dual purpose of a licentiate exam and an entrance examination.


The NExT will consist of two distinct steps, namely Step 1 and Step 2. It is imperative for candidates to successfully clear this examination within a period of ten years from the time of joining the MBBS course. This time constraint ensures that students remain updated with the evolving medical knowledge and skills required in their profession.


Recognizing the need for standardized assessments and a streamlined evaluation process, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has recently issued comprehensive guidelines for the NExT. These guidelines provide a framework for conducting the examination, establishing uniform standards, and ensuring fairness in the evaluation process.


The introduction of the NExT and the subsequent organization of the mock test by AIIMS Delhi signify a significant shift towards a more unified and standardized approach in evaluating medical students. This initiative aims to guarantee the proficiency and competency of future medical practitioners by ensuring that they meet the requisite standards and possess the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their profession.


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